During the search process, sometimes, because of wrong keywords entered for search by the users, the search results are not always the ones expected.

Just bellow you can find as examples a few possible scenarios like, with the necessary instruction given in order to reach the desired result.

If you search a street and a number of it - like for instance: "Nicolae Iorga nr.135 sc.II apt.8", try to look for the name of the street only, just like: "Nicolae Iorga".

Out of the results list you can pick exactly the desired address according to the searched number.

If you don't find the street by the known name, for instance: "Nicolae Iorga", try to search with the same keywords but swapped between eachother, here's the example: "Iorga Nicolae".

Another simplified way to search is to use just one word, like for instance: "Iorga" instead of "Nicolae Iorga".

If you don't find the exact number out of the searched address, see the ones nearby, like for instance: "Nicolae Iorga nr.135" having the zip-code corresponding to "Sosea Nicolae Iorga nr.123-163".

The interspace "123-162" means "odd numbers between 123 and 163";

The interspace "165-T" means "odd numbers from 165 up to the end of the street";

The interspace "Nr. 92-T" means "even numbers from 92 up to the end of street".

The system gives you the option to receive the desired zip-code in your e-mail - inbox performing a click over the shown link on the results page.

Also, you can send to a friend the search results via Yahoo Messenger performing click on the shown YM symbol.